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ACRx Pharmacy provides prescription, non-prescription, and compounded medications for both equine and companion animals. We are the premier pharmacy in the Las Vegas area providing veterinary medicines to animals to help them stay healthy and active.

When it comes to medication for animals, we realize how important it is for the medication to be palatable to both equine and companion animals. We also understand that convenient administration options are important in order for our patients to be well cared for. As a result, we ensure that our companion animal compounds are formed with a variety of the right flavors and methodology of administration that is well suited to your animal’s unique situation and needs.

ACRx Pharmacy is committed to excellent service. Our pharmacists can provide consultation on compounded medications for your equine and companion animals, no matter the situation. We will also work closely with your vet to determine the proper needs. Our extensive knowledge, steadfast integrity, and innovative approach ensure your beloved animal receives the highest quality medical products.

Equine Animals

ACRx Pharmacy in Las Vegas offers a complete line of equine compounds, prescription medications and over-the-counter products for your animals. Whether it's for breeding and foaling supplies, or podiatry products, we can supply it and will work with your vet to determine the best dosage and needs for your specific situation.

Small Companion Animals

Our pharmacy stocks a full line of products for companion animals. Our selection is extensive to ensure that our patients are fully covered and able to access the best medical care products available on the market. We provide superior flavor selections and convenient ways of administration in order to meet the unique needs of every animal.

Knowledge, Integrity, and Innovation

ACRx Pharmacy incorporates the knowledge and experience of our pharmacists and and dedicated staff to provide the best care and administration techniques for your animal. We are able to provide the highest quality medication available, setting a high standard each and every time.  

Our mission is to procure the best standards of medication that is suitable for your equine and small companion animals. We take provide in our high quality standards.

Quality Assurance

As mentioned, ACRx Pharmacy in Las Vegas only provides the highest quality products to our patients. Our compounded medicine follow strict rules and guidelines set by the FDA so you can be assured you are in good care at our pharmacy.

Furthermore, our trained staff would be happy to answer any questions you may have to help guide you to better care for your animal.

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