Dental Compounding

At ACRx Pharmacy, our pharmacists and staff are dedicated to meeting the unique needs of dental patients, and we welcome your questions and medication problems.  

As premier pharmacy in the Las Vegas area, we serve patients from all over the Las Vegas Valley and work with our patients’ primary care providers and dentists with their dentistry medical problems. We understand that every patient has different medical needs. And we also understand that no two patients require the same type of treatment as every case is unique and different. This is why our pharmacists always take a consultative approach in helping our patients. This means we ask the right questions so that we can get a good picture of what is going on with you so that we can offer the right direction for the solutions. Then we work with your dentist to come up with the best medication to help.

We offer all different types of compounded medication for our dental patients. This means there are many easy ways to administer the medication, so that the medicine can start working for you right away. Our pharmacy stocks the latest medication and only deal with the highest quality suppliers, so you can rest assured our dental compounding medication is best for you.

Our compounding professionals are problem-solving specialists! We have the following available for dentistry patients:

· Anti-Viral Lip Balms

· Ketamine/Ketoprofen/Gabapentin gel

· Ketoprofen/Cyclobenzaprine topical gel

· Lidocaine/Prilocaine gel in plasticized base

· Mucosal Bandages

· Oxytetracycline/Hydrocortisone Suspension

· Peruvian Balsam/Eugenol

· Sucralfate Oral Adhesive Paste

· Tranexamic Acid Mouthwash

· Triple-Anesthetic gel – benzocaine/lidocaine/tetracaine (“BLT”)

· Pressure Indicating Paste (PIP)

Please contact the Pharmacist on staff if you have questions or there is a medication that is not listed here. Our team will be happy to answer any questions, provide you with consultation regarding your specific situation.

We are dedicated to helping every single patient, so we would love to learn more about you and your needs. Our pharmacists will work closely with your dentist or primary care provider to help you get the right medication so you can feel better right away.

We are here to serve our local community in Las Vegas, so feel free to walk in with your questions. Our team is looking forward to serving you and helping you with your dental medical compounding needs.

The ACRx Pharmacist or Pharmacy Staff can be reached easily at (702) 800-6448.

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