Nutritional Supplements

Essential Vitamins

Nutritional Supplements

K - Force 

 • Supports Healthy Calcium Balance

• Promotes Optimal Bone Health 

• Supports Cardiovascular Health and Arterial Elasticity

• Boosts Immune Function 

Ortho Molecular Nutritional Supplements

At ACRx Specialty Pharmacy we have many different types of Nutritional Supplements from Ortho Molecular Products. From Immune Health to Essential Vitamins, ACRx Specialty Pharmacy is a Partner with Ortho Molecular Products & Nutritional Supplements.


Immune Support Nutritional Supplement

Immune Health  

• Primes and Mobilizes Key Immune Cells

• Protects Against Immune Challenges Resulting From Ongoing Stress 

• Increases Immune Vitality and Mental Clarity 

• Protects Against Exercise-Induced Stress 

4- Sight

4-Sight Nutritional Supplement

Eye Health 

 • Provides Key Antioxidant Support for Eyes

• Supports Macular Health 

• Increases Ocular Circulation 

Women's Health

Nutritional Supplement


 • Helps Maintain a Healthy Menstrual Cycle 

• Promotes Progesterone to Estrogen Balance

• Supports Normal Prolactin Levels 

• Promotes Healthy Testosterone Levels 

Cardiovascular Health

Nutritional Supplements Cardio B

 Cardio - B

• Supports Cardiovascular and Neurologic Health 

• Supports Homocysteine Balance 

• Supports Healthy Arterial Function 

• Maintains Normal Inflammatory Balance