Sterile Compounding

At ACRX Pharmacy, we understand the importance of sterile compounding when it comes to providing the very best medications for patients. That is why we pride ourselves on delivering the very best compounding services possible.

We are a Licensed Sterile Compounding Pharmacy and a member of the Professional Compounding Centers of America (PCCA). Everything we prepare is treated with the utmost care and integrity, and we focus on our quality control and procedures to ensure there is minimal risk in our preparations.


What is sterile compounding?

Compounding is the process of putting together a prescription formula to meet a patient’s need. Sterile compounding refers to the process of compounding medications that are intended for use as an injection, as an infusion, or to treat the eye. Non-sterile compounding refers to the production of ointments, creams, tablets, and capsules.

Services we provide

Here at ACRX Pharmacy, we are able to offer a wide range of sterile compounding services. Our highly experienced and talented team can prepare:

Myers’ Cocktail

Alongside offering a range of medical treatments, our highly experienced pharmacists also able to help with Nutritional IV Therapy. This includes antioxidant injections such as Glutathione, which can provide a range of health benefits and the popular Myers’ Cocktail.

A Myers’ Cocktail is a unique intravenous injection that is named after physician John Myers, M.D., who is renowned for creating a range of intravenous solutions to treat chronic conditions. When it comes to wellness infusions, the Myers’ Cocktail is considered the epitome and has helped patients improve symptoms from a wide range of symptoms.

What can it treat?The Myers’ Cocktail helps increase the concentration of a wide range of vitamins and minerals in the blood in ways that cannot be achieved via oral supplements. Just like Glutathione, the intravenous solution has been designed to treat a range of chronic conditions and offers a range of benefits, including:

  • Alleviating stress
  • Improving the body’s natural immunity
  • Restoring the natural balance in the body
  • Provide hydration
  • Reduce the number of migraines
  • Reduce chronic pain
  • Reduce fatigue

It can also help to reduce the impact of certain conditions such as asthma, fibromyalgia, respiratory tract infections, cardiovascular disease, and seasonal allergies.

What is in a Myers’ Cocktail?

The Myers’ Cocktail is packed with essential ingredients designed to boost your body. This includes a range of B vitamins, which are designed to improve energy levels, cell metabolism, and brain function. The cocktail also features vitamin C for its antioxidant benefits, magnesium to help you maintain glucose levels, and calcium to maintain bone structure.

Are there any side effects?

Although side effects from using a Myers’ Cocktail are rare, some patients might experience mild discomfort at the site of the infusion. They might also experience a warm or flushed feeling, while patients might also experience a metallic taste.

Alpha Lipoic Acid

Arginine HCL

Ascorbic Acid Biotin

Calcium Gluconate

Injection Coenzyme

Q10 Dexpanthenol

Glutathione Hydrogen

Peroxide 3%



Magnesium Chloride



Myer's Cocktail

Nandrolone oil




Phosphatidylcholine /Sodium Deoxycholate

Injection* Procaine

2% Pyridoxine HCL

Riboflavin Riboflavin-

5’-Phosphate Sodium Stanozolol Taurine



Cypionate /Anastrozole


Enanthate /Anastrozole

Thiamine HCL

Vitamin D3 oil

Zinc Chloride

Bi-Mix Injections

Bi-Mix is a treatment prescribed by a doctor to help patients struggling with impotence. Erectile dysfunction is an incredibly common issue for men, with 18 million men across America currently experiencing some form of impotence.

This self-administered injection is often prescribed when conventional therapies have not worked. The injection contains Papaverine, which acts as a vasodilator and increases the blood flow to the region, and Phentolamine, which causes blood vessels in the area to relax and dilate. Research has shown that Bi-Mix injections can help 80% of men.

Tri-Mix Injections

 Tri-Mix is another form of treatment for erectile dysfunction and is commonly used when Bi-Mix is not working. Featuring both Papaverine and Phentolamine, Tri-Mix also contains Alprostadil, and each injection is customized and compounded to each individual patient.

Having been used since 1983, it is a very popular and proven non-surgical treatment. The injection causes the corpus cavernosum to relax and fill with blood, causing an erection in under five minutes.

Quad-Mix Injections

A Quad-Mix Injection is another form of self-injection to treat impotence and is considered the most powerful form of treatment. Containing the same three ingredients as a Tri-Mix, the Quad-Mix also features Prostaglandin E1, which helps to relax the blood vessels within the penis, dilating the cavernosal arteries.

Quad-Mix injections are usually subscribed when the patient is not reacting to traditional medicine or when Bi-Mix or Tri-Mix are not working as effectively as they are designed.


Hormone Injections

Hormone injections are a range of treatments that have been designed for children and adults who might not be producing enough of a certain hormone. Prescribed by doctors, it can be used to treat a wide range of issues, including anxiety, heart disease, and cancer.

Guidelines we follow

Here at ACRX, we specialize in sterile compounding and pride ourselves on creating the highest quality medications possible. The efficacy of any formulation depends on the preparation, and our compounding pharmacists and technicians are highly trained, using premium chemicals and state-of-the-art equipment.

As a member of the Professional Compounding Centers of America and a fully licensed sterile compounding pharmacy, our entire team upholds our focus on quality. We undertake strict quality control to ensure we can provide the highest levels of excellence.

We follow a strict level of guidelines, including:

  • Thorough lab testing of all our finished products. This includes both in-house testing alongside independent testing, allowing us to guarantee the quality of our sterile compounding services.
  • Regular monitoring using environmental microbiology sampling.
  • Ensuring we can keep a sterile environment by constantly monitoring the particles in the air.
  • Having an in-depth and thorough cleaning routine.
  • Regular checks and maintenance of all equipment.
  • Routine certification of our laminar flow hood, conducted by independent parties.
  • Regular training and testing of our staff, ensuring they are always following the very best practices.
  • Ensuring all staff are wearing the appropriate clothing and are following all protocols for entering and working in our sterile areas.

All of our guidelines and have been designed to ensure they meet the standards for pharmaceutical manufacturing and compounding set out by the United States Pharmacopeia. These strict and rigorous guidelines guarantee the quality of our services and ensure that patients are able to enjoy the highest standard of drugs.

All of our highly experienced technicians undertake regular training. When modifying a formula or developing a unique preparation, our pharmacists will consider both the physical and chemical properties of all active ingredients.

Why choose ACRX Pharmacy?

ACRX Pharmacy is a fully licensed pharmacy that specializes in non-sterile and sterile compounding. We focus on providing the highest quality medications possible. Our highly experienced team ensures we can offer a wide range of services and consultation support, so if you want to find out more, get in touch with us today!