Acne, Eczema, and Rosacea

All three mentioned above are common skin conditions that can affect everyone. However, there are differences among them and a good compounding pharmacy can help provide the right solutions.

Acne is usually caused by dead skin that plugs follicles, causing infection and inflammation in patients. Blackheads and whiteheads are also commonly developed with acne, making it possible to develop papules or pustules. Nodules and cysts are also very common.


  • Eczeme, known as atopic dermatitis, has known symptoms of itchy skin. Usually this is not noticeable on the surface of the skin, unless the itchiness causes redness, flaking, cracking, or the secretion of fluids. This may be caused by allergies and can be treated by a good pharmacy.

    Rosacea is an inflammatory condition of the skin that produces redness or a flushing effect. It can be seen on the face, but sometimes flushes out to the ears, back, and chest areas of the body. Though the symptoms of rosacea may look like acne on the onset, it is a different condition that requires different treatments.

    ACRx Specialty Pharmacy offers a variety of compounded medications for many dermatological conditions from skin lightening creams to acne solutions. Our pharmacists have the skills and expertise in skin health to formulate an elegant compound for your dermatological needs.  

    A Sampling of Compounded Drug Products Commonly Prescribed:

    1. Custom Facial Peels  
    2. Custom Bleaching Creams
    3. Estradiol Face Creams 
    4. Custom Wart Removers
    5. Custom topical anesthetics 

    We can compound various strengths, forms and combination of medications prescribed by your physician. Some examples of compounded dosage forms include:

    1. Topical creams  
    2. Topical ointments
    3. Topical gels
    4. Topical solutions
    5. Compounded Drugs – Compounded Medications Disclosure Between Parties 

    Our compounding professionals at ACRx are available to prepare individualized therapies for a myriad of dermatologic problems. Our compounding pharmacists continue to improve both the aesthetic and therapeutic aspects of customized medications, offering alternatives and advantages for dermatology. 

    ACRx can compound medications with cosmetically appealing bases, and options that are non-comedogenic, hypoallergenic, oil-free, paraben-free and petrolatum-free. ACRx has other options that include topical sprays and powders, as well as customized oral dosage forms (such as flavored troches or lozenges) and various preparations for other routes of administration. Compatible drugs can be combined into a single dosage form to simplify a medication administration schedule and improve compliance. USP approved chemicals can be utilized to enhance the absorption of topically applied medications. We commonly prepare unique formulations that physicians develop to meet specific needs of their patients.